with Jess Henderson as part of the project, "Band of Burnouts": *
with Christin Call and The Shed, Seattle:

"Streetsong (Beatup Remix)",

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announcement for upcoming event at ICOSA Collective, Austin TX

"March of the Covids" screening at ICOSA Gallery, Austin, TX, today

St Celfer and Tom Moody, "eleven tracks" (collaborative LP) released on Bandcamp

"March of the Covids" screening at ICOSA Gallery, Austin, TX, documentation

earcon Sampler: Tom Moody Edit (new Bandcamp release)

Music from the Internet: A Compilation by St Celfer and Tom Moody

A conversation about "Music from the Internet: A Compilation"

St Celfer's Step.4D™ instrument:


Tom Moody, "st celfer exhibition in são paulo (installation in progress)", Tom Moody’s weblog, 6-8-2019

Carmen Aranha & Loly Demercian, "Exposição do John Parker- the space between points",
CasaGaleria e oficina de arte Loly Demercian publication, 6-7-19 
Redação, Exposição “THE SPACE BETWEEN POINTS”, Na Mídia, 6-13-19

Tom Moody, "st celfer exhibition in são paulo (flyers)", Tom Moody’s blog, 6-5-2019

Sally McKay, “Mods and Rockers”, Lorna Mills & Sally McKay blog, 6-20-2006

Marisa Olsen, “Collective Intelligence”, Rhizome, 5-7-2006

Tom Moody, “John Parker, "Man and Machine” Tom Moody’s blog, 2-1-2006

Michael Bell-Smith & Cory Arcangel, “2005 Internet Top Ten: Special Blogosphere Edition”, burncopy blog, 1-20-2006

Tom Moody, “John Parker, "Front Room”, Tom Moody’s blog, 5-30-2004

Tom Moody, “Man From Planet Risk”, Tom Moody’s blog, 5-21-2004

Aaron Spectre, “Clone and jenghizkhan”, Pie Zine,, January, 2003

Secret Agent gel, ”Share: Clone and jenghizkhan”,, 1-19-2003

Announcement for first show as jenghizkhan:


Bliss and Perception's Maintenance of Ignorance

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Making Living:

The Premise:

Rule #1:

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Bio (2012):

John Parker extends his work from painting and sculpture to the digital realm. Frustrated with the notion of object production, he creates easily reproducible and transferable images that can be presented on any computer monitor. He destroys jpegs. He sometimes represents the process of destruction as gifs.

earcon (John Parker, a member of Man From Planet Risk and formerly jenghizkhan) explores the sonic possibilities afforded by contemporary digital sound production by destroying sound files and re-composing them in 8 bit space.

On the Gleaned Detritus Project

Front Room Gallery, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, 2000-2005:


On Sound Sculptures

Vertexlist, Greenpoint, Brooklyn, 2005:

On Gifs

Bicubic Mush vs Quantization Noise:

On Waves
Waves are created through an act of disturbance, that of order

On Digital Failure
Exposing the human flaws of digital means