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ST CELFER  John MacDougall Parker  ( New York City ) is an American artist and avant-garde, experimental electronic musician -  Wikipedia pre-order O U T  N O W I thought U thought I by St Celfer™ New & Notable: Always inventive, always challenging sound artist St. Celfer returns with another album of glitchy experiments to dazzle & fascinate. — bandcamp (@Bandcamp) June 10, 2024 BANDCAMP NEW & NOTABLE  ( 4 years in a row) : " ST CELFER  returns with tracks culled from a series of live shows, each one a showcase for his inventive experimentalism."  --   Bandcamp Senior Editor , 2023 "Seattle’s  ST CELFER  returns with four more boundary-breaking electronic compositions sparked with sudden bursts of melody."  --  Bandcamp Senior Editor , 2022     "Seattleʼs  ST CELFER  writes immersive electronic songs that encompass both haunting beauty & wild experimentalism"   --  Bandcamp Senior Editor , 2021

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