“It must be emphasized that this isn't a band and there is no post-production reassembly: it's one person playing a multi-faceted, self-feedbacking instrument, and it's all done with a single pass. Yet it sounds like group activity...
...St Celfer makes the work in a single take. The "assembly" is making an instrument that creates its own variables and accidents and conveys an impression of dense multitracking.”
Read more of Tom Moody's first impressions of the Step.4D™ here:

New releases on Bandcamp: 

ST CELFER (@ 1 hour 29 minute mark) on 91.3 KBCS (Seattle)
Flotation Device hosted by Michael Schell

Sydney's Eastside FM 89.7 May 31, 2021 Program Spirit House plays two Step.4D tracks:

Tallinn's IDA 
October 29, 2021 Tikrishow plays '51':

Also '12' and '28b' on the list: Radio