‘music of the apeirogons’ ‘brain-hexing music’ 'midi dada' New releases on Bandcamp:  “It must be emphasized that this isn't a band and there is no post-production reassembly: it's one person playing a multi-faceted, self-feedbacking instrument, and it's all done with a single pass. Yet it sounds like group activity... 

...St Celfer makes the work in a single take. The "assembly" is making an instrument that creates its own variables and accidents and conveys an impression of dense multitracking."

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photo from Fire Over Heaven, Outpost Artists Resources by John Martin Widger, paintings by Ruth Kahn

Wave Track #7 comes to us from St Celfer, a Korean-American sound artist and musician who splits his time between Sao Paulo and Seattle. His track, Fifty One, wastes no time announcing itself, beginning with a sequence of machine-like, harsh sounds that rise in volume before slowly giving way to a melancholic rhythm, interspersed with soft tones that combine to create a nostalgic, almost cinematic quality. In just under three minutes, St Celfer manages to elicit a strong yearning for elsewhere, a sensibility that encapsulates–and communicates with–the other works presented in Infrasonica’s Wave #7. We hope you enjoy listening. INFRASONICA.ORG
photo by Eung Ho Park

March 8, 2023: Marathon Drummer Salmagundi & November 29, 2023: The Color of Noise on WFMU

St Celfer (John MacDougall Parker) ft. Christin Call as part of the Wayward Music Series at the Chapel Performance...

Posted by St Celfer on Friday, January 20, 2023