“It must be emphasized that this isn't a band and there is no post-production reassembly: it's one person playing a multi-faceted, self-feedbacking instrument, and it's all done with a single pass. Yet it sounds like group activity...
...St Celfer makes the work in a single take. The "assembly" is making an instrument that creates its own variables and accidents and conveys an impression of dense multitracking.”
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Sydney's Eastside FM 89.7 May 31, 2021 Program

St Celfer™ first tracks made on the Step.4D™ (a live only electronic instrument), in chronological order, from number zero in December 2020 -- when I thought I had all the parts ready to go -- through number 123 in March 2021. After all the deletions, additions, and decisions, this collection ends up with 43 keepers.

Why would I keep it? Not necessarily to release as music. For instance on the last one, number 123, I'm testing a kalimba to experiment if it, heavily distorted, can drive the Step.4D™ with enough smattering of midi notes. I like the unusual faint artifacts in the background which are not reproducible since I never quite know what is happening through the complex configuration.

Step.4D™ creates an instantaneous recording to two tracks that can't be mixed later. It's truly and exclusively a live machine. 43 tracks survived and the rest are gone forever.

St Celfer™ second set of tracks made on the Step.4D™ in chronological order, from number 123 in March 2021 to number 217 made in April, equaling one month of activity. This collection ends up with 41 keepers.

The last collection ended with some tracks that added a steady rhythm -- dance tracks? -- the first time I allowed myself that privilege since composing the Suites (  This collection begins with those beats but transitions to the folk electronic I always wanted to make, both of which will be documented as releases on Bandcamp.  These thematic albums add to the purely jazzy electronic and blues infused albums of the first collection stclives1 re-released on Bandcamp now.