"There is a lot of noise today. I wonder if we just need to hear the music within it." St Celfer employs his hydrokinetic experience - an aquatic Olympic past - to create sound in dimensions beyond the third.

He developed an innovative and sophisticated instrument – a “gambiarra,” in Brasilian Portuguese – named Step4D™. The instrument is close to familiar to what he has in the future, making music in real time (as opposed to tracking and then arranging), to be played and heard live.

Since the isolation of the pandemic, St Celfer has released hundreds of songs on dozens of albums which have been played on radio stations around the world ranging from classical to esoteric. He has twice been named New & Notable by Bandcamp, 2021 & 2022. "Seattleʼs St Celfer writes immersive electronic songs that encompass both haunting beauty & wild experimentalism."

St Celfer of Korean and American origin currently lives between São Paulo and Seattle, the latter living off/on since 1990. A fan of Seattle grunge, was, once upon a time, in the 00's New York scene performing, among other places, at CBGB's, The Kitchen, Tonic, The Tank, Remote Lounge, Galapagos Art Space, Sputnik, and Stinger Club.