St Celfer (john parker) resides in São Paulo and Seattle, the latter living off/on since being an avid fan during the Seattle Grunge 90s, and later, under numerous aliases, took part in 00's New York scene, both art and music, at venues such as Andrew Kreps, CBGB’s, Tonic, Galapagos Art Space, and The Kitchen.

Exhibitions/Performances include:
  • Gleaned Detritus Project™ (applying painting’s ideas of plasticity to everyday inexpensive objects)
  • Listeners™ (exploring the medium of sound in sculpture)
  • jenghizkhan, earcon, Man From Planet Risk, He Goatan !M.O.O.B (making and playing music)
  • & (documenting failing digital processes and ideas for upcoming projects)
which, after living in Brooklyn, include:
  • Space Between Points™ (fighting the tyranny of the square, the urge to codify and label) with drawings currently displayed at the Museum of Contemporary Art, MAC USP, São Paulo and sounds streamed on Radio Eclectus, Hollow Earth Radio, KHUH, Seattle
  • STEP.4D™ (creating a pandemic-era 'gambiarra' to make something to listen to during lockdown) with music featured by as NEW AND NOTABLE and played on Flotation Devices, KBCS, Seattle, and other places worldwide
  • ESDRÚXULISTA™ & Choose Your Delusion™ (continuing documenting ideas while acquiescing to the adaptive function of delusion, the need to invent and mythologize)
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