Space Between Points

Outerspeak, 2004
12 radios tuned to different stations, pvc wyes, 
headphones, wire, plastic ties, and rope.

Twenty Feet Of Pipe Coiled And Containing 
The Sound Of A Distant Light House, 2002-2004
pvc pipe and flashing blue light bulb
2' x 3' x 2' 

Loop, 2004
pvc pipe, wire, cd player, and amp
3' x 3' x 4"

A one second sound sample
stretched sixty times
continuously looped inside the pipe

Man From Planet Risk's 'Dread', 2003

The Lucky Cat, Williamsburg

Captured Wind, 2002
balloon, headphones, and cd player
4" x 1" x 1"

The sound of wind are played
through headphones inside the balloon 

Poseidon's View, 2001
pvc pipe, electrical wire, caps, and plugs,
cd player, amp, mic, stool, towel hanger and speaker
5' x 4' x 4'

In addition to the tracks that one hears
through the pipe, he or she can 
add sounds via the mouthpiece 
that are amplified outside the throne

The throne shakes, and the plastic ties vibrate 
against the sitter's heart.

John Parker interview
by Tom Moody

Tom Moody: earcon SAMPLER

Step.4D2.tracker (Club Mix) remix by Tom Moody
2 decades ago was jenghizkhan:

"Evil Knievel" (sic) makes the list