Stepford Music Device

@Wayward Music Series 1/13/23

ST CELFER's Sonatas Para Gatos @ Sea Level Records
ST CELFER's SUITES #1-9 on January 19, 2022 midnight EST also "12", "28a", "51", "61", "74" in rotation
ST CELFER on episode 5 of CMPFR-22C: type "begin 5" after the > here:

w/ MTL.ASM, Montreal (Step.4D™ PURPLL)

w/ Puch Okruch: 
Each listen is a unique combination of both sounds and visuals that remixes StC Lives I & I I)

It's an app! So every click is a new art piece. 
Also available on Spotify as
 Y Fit Ops, press RANDOM PLAY
Puch Okruch scripts for animation:

Brady Danford's review: