Stepford Music Device

w/ Puch Okruch: (

Puch Okruch developed a St Celfer Player: +remixes StC Lives I & I I
Each listen is a unique combination of both sounds and visuals + It's an app! So every click is a new art piece

(Also available on Spotify as Y Fit Ops press RANDOM PLAY)


+ scripts for animation 

Thanks for the review, Brady!
@bradydanford This is like ridiculous love it #experimentalmusic #noisemusic #fyp #music ♬ 161 - St Celfer
and the dance, aimeet333:
@aimeet333 Hi I’m a window washer 👋🏻 💦 #fyp #bubbles #dancing #kinda ♬ rhythm for cat watching washing window with squeegee (200) - St Celfer