St Celfer™ on the Step.4D™
"Seattle’s St Celfer writes immersive electronic songs that encompass both haunting beauty & wild experimentalism." -- bandcamp editorial staff

StC Lives the one (60's):
StC Lives I I:
StC Lives (twin twin): on mtl.asm Purpll Sample Pack Sweepstake:  
"51" & "74" on Eastside's FM 89.7 May 31, 2021 Spirit House: 
"61" on 91.3 KBCS's Flotation Device, hosted by Michael Schell, August 1, 2021: 
"51" on Wonderchill's Avant Garden #11 42:54)

St Celfer's™ Space Between Points™
" times it reminds me of Charles Ives with several ensembles playing simultaneously, and motifs fading in and out of our attention..." -- Tom Moody

eleven tracks by St Celfer and Tom Moody:   
Suite #8 March of the Covids on Art Music Lit Space, Methods of Negotiation:
Suites #6 Etude, #3 Dirge 1, #6 Serenade, No Cry on Radio Eclectus #74, Hollow Earth Radio (104.4): 
Suite #2 Divertimento on Radio Eclectus #29, Hollow Earth Radio (104.4):   
Suite #2 Impromptu on Radio Eclectus #15, Hollow Earth Radio (104.4): 

 "St Celfer deploys a kaleidoscopic assortment of varied electronic textures with associated melodic motives in a free, improvisatory fashion, recalling landmark jazz fusion and minimalist albums of the late 1960s and early 1970s such as Miles Davis’s Bitches Brew and Terry Riley’s A Rainbow in Curved Air. " -- Art Music Lit Space

Man From Planet Risk
"what might be called "downtempo horrorcore" (or The Music Formerly Known As Triphop--more on this below) but the live set... ...tipped the sound over from the hiphop column to rock-and-roll, a kind of minimalist psychedelic metal. ...the sound is truly trippy: keyboardist/laptopper jenghizkhan approaches music like a painter... make layers of artfully mangled sound. Imagine Ennio Morricone eclectism shot through with the kind of dreamy, smeared psychedelia of San Francisco post-punkers Chrome, or the European hardcore tech of The Mover set to a hiphop beat. But also none of the above." -- Tom Moody
!M.O.O.B He Goatan
"live improvisation with programmed sequences built up in the studio note by note.  ...has a nasty edge of pure DSP (digital signal processing), which may explain (his) popularity with the 8-Bit crowd in attendance last night. Also, his penchant for unexpected dark metal riffs popping up out of the sometimes atonal chaos of live sequencing and knob turning didn't hurt."  -- Tom Moody