*all releases on bandcamp & after the birth of on all platforms are 24 bit. Non-BC and earlier ones are 16 bit.
St Celfer™ on the Step.4D™
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"Seattle’s St Celfer returns with four more boundary-breaking electronic compositions sparked with sudden bursts of melody." -- bandcamp editorial staff

"Seattle’s St Celfer writes immersive electronic songs that encompass both haunting beauty & wild experimentalism." -- bandcamp editorial staff

StC Lives the one (60's): on mtl.asm Purpll Sample Pack Sweepstake: 

"51" & "74" on Eastside's FM 89.7 May 31, 2021 Spirit House:

"51" on Eastside's FM 89.7 November 29, 2021 Spirit House:

"51" on Band of Burnouts FM:

"61" on 91.3 KBCS's Flotation Device, hosted by Michael Schell, August 1, 2021: 

"51" on Tikrishow, IDA Raadio hosted by Marja Nuut:

"51" on Wonderchill's Avant Garden #11: (~ 42:54)
"74" on Audio Collision with Cadmium Red:

"51" on oolongradio, archive:

‘music of the apeirogons’ & ‘brain-hexing music’


St Celfer's™ Space Between Points™

Suites #1​-​9:

" times it reminds me of Charles Ives with several ensembles playing simultaneously, and motifs fading in and out of our attention..." -- Tom Moody

eleven tracks by St Celfer and Tom Moody: 
Suite #8 March of the Covids on Art Music Lit Space, Methods of Negotiation:
Suites #6 Etude, #3 Dirge 1, #6 Serenade, No Cry
on Radio Eclectus #74, Hollow Earth Radio (104.4): (~16:04)
Suite #5 Prelude on Radio Eclectus #35, Hollow Earth Radio (104.4): (~18:03)
Suite #2 Divertimento on Radio Eclectus #29, Hollow Earth Radio (104.4): (~27:55)
Suite #2 Impromptu on Radio Eclectus #15, Hollow Earth Radio (104.4): (~0:00)
Suite #1-9 on

"St Celfer deploys a kaleidoscopic assortment of varied electronic textures with associated melodic motives in a free, improvisatory fashion, recalling landmark jazz fusion and minimalist albums of the late 1960s and early 1970s such as Miles Davis’s Bitches Brew and Terry Riley’s A Rainbow in Curved Air." -- Art Music Lit Space

earcon (collabs)

"great solo, art brut electro tracks"


"dissonant and 'art,' as opposed to arty

...had beats, but also skronky sounds resembling giant uncoiling springs overlapping in reverberating, Stockhausen-like crescendos. Also

...some pretty melodies wafting into the mix" -- Tom Moody


  • 2020

earcon Sampler: Tom Moody Edit:


  • 2019

Best Blips (the funkiller years): spotify:

funkiller 3+4

Man From Planet Risk

what might be called "downtempo horrorcore" (or The Music Formerly Known As Triphop--more on this below) but the live set

...tipped the sound over from the hiphop column to rock-and-roll, a kind of minimalist psychedelic metal.

...the sound is truly trippy: keyboardist/laptopper jenghizkhan approaches music like a painter make layers of artfully mangled sound.

Imagine Ennio Morricone eclectism shot through with the kind of dreamy, smeared psychedelia of
San Francisco
post-punkers Chrome, or the European hardcore tech of The Mover set to a
hiphop beat. But also none of the above." -- Tom Moody

He Goatan (formerly !M.O.O.B)

(Over 100,000 shazams - what does that mean?)


"live improvisation with programmed sequences built up in the studio note by note.

...has a nasty edge of pure DSP (digital signal processing), which may explain (his) popularity with the 8-Bit crowd in attendance last night. Also, his penchant for unexpected dark metal riffs popping up out of the sometimes atonal chaos of live sequencing and knob turning didn't hurt."


"More doomy and ambient, with late night TV field recordings layered with crackling static and digital drones."

"mysterious, sexily-filtered ambient industrial keyboards"
  -- Tom Moody