ST CELFER @ The Museum of Contemporary Art (MACUSP)

ST CELFER's Step.4D™ @ Flotation Device, KBCS 91.3   [1:25:21]. St Celfer AKA John Parker: Ping Me Bjork. From Lives (Bandcamp, 2022)

ST CELFER's Step.4D™ @ Flotation Device, KBCS 91.3 [1:29:23] St Celfer AKA John Parker: 61. From StC Lives 51-61-74 (Bandcamp, 2021) *

ST CELFER @ Radio Eclectus #74, Hollow Earth Radio 104.9
[16:04] St Celfer: Suite #6 - Etude. From Suites #1–9 (Bandcamp, 2020) with St Celfer AKA John Parker. 
[18:24] St Celfer: Suite #3 - Dirge 1. From Suites #1–9 (Bandcamp, 2020) with St Celfer AKA John Parker⠀
Voice break with Charles Dodge: Earth's Magnetic Field
[29:30] St Celfer: Suite #7 - Serenade No Cry. From Suites #1–9 (Bandcamp, 2020) with St Celfer AKA John Parker⠀ * ST CELFER @ Radio Eclectus #35, Hollow Earth Radio 104.9
[8:30] St Celfer AKA John Parker: Prelude. From Suite #5 (Bandcamp, 2019)

ST CELFER @ Radio Eclectus #29, Hollow Earth Radio 104.9
[27:55] St Celfer: Divertimento. From Suite #2 (Bandcamp, 2019)

ST CELFER @ Radio Eclectus #15, Hollow Earth Radio 104.9
SET 1: Sorey, Crispell and early Crumb, 1. St Celfer: Impromptu. From Suite #2 (Bandcamp, 2019)

with Jess Henderson as part of the project, "Band of Burnouts":
with Christin Call and The Shed, Seattle:

In connection with our interview posted earlier this week (, and our video projection in Austin, St Celfer (aka John Parker) and Tom Moody are pleased to announce the release of our new LP, "eleven tracks":
St Celfer and Tom Moody have been collaborating off and on since 2004. In this release "eleven tracks," each artist chooses several recent songs by the other and discusses them.
[You can] click or tap the individual songs to read commentary about them.
"On Breaking the Square," a 10-page dialogue between the two musicians about their work, philosophies, and "how they got where they got" in the past 16 years accompanies the digital version of this release as a bonus item (PDF).
Cover: Tom Moody, made with "Epson Print CD" and incorporating a detail from a video realization of his track "Melding Principle (Three Nebulaes)," employing John Romero's encoding/decoding program Pitahaya.


St Celfer releases his Suites (
 "Reflecting the swiftness of the virus’s outbreak throughout the world, March of the Covids by St. Celfer moves at a relentless brisk pace and is driven throughout nearly its entire eight minutes and forty-eight seconds by a clicky, sine-tone-like ostinato. Over this insistent rhythmic engine and the repeated, down-pitched sample of a voice intoning “Don’t stop it before I break down. You wouldn’t stop anyway”, St Celfer deploys a kaleidoscopic assortment of varied electronic textures with associated melodic motives in an free, improvisatory fashion, recalling landmark jazz fusion and minimalist albums of the late 1960s and early 1970s such as Miles Davis’s Bitches Brew and Terry Riley’s A Rainbow in Curved Air. With prominent grooves throughout its duration strongly emphasizing the notes G and D, the tonal center of March of the Covids is firmly established at G. While DTMF (Touch-Tone)-like twirling gestures around notes A and B and singing, rubato meanderings around note groups C-G and G-D-E establish the piece’s major mode, hints of a minor mode darkness with the note B flat appear throughout the beginning and most prominently in repeated swells at the two minute mark."
Derek Kwan of Art Music Lit Space, Sacramento, CA



St Celfer Performance at ICOSA Collective, December 12, 2020

Austin, TX

St Celfer’s musical work “March of the Covids” will be performed at the ICOSA space in an unusual way – as an abstract, encoded YouTube video. The song made its original appearance at the Casagaleria art space in São Paulo, Brazil as a 16 channel audio composition “distributed” in the gallery through directional speakers. At ICOSA the work will be presented virtually in the form of video projections, in a new, collaborative incarnation. “Covids” will be “played” as one of a suite of recent compositions by St Celfer, who is currently based in Seattle, and his long-time collaborator Tom Moody, a New York artist and musician. 

Eleven tracks by the two artists have been converted to video using Pitahaya, a software program created by John Romero. Pitahaya turns the audio (which can still be heard) into a stream of random pixels resembling TV snow and QR codes. Uploaded to YouTube, the 35-minute video will be played by the gallery and may be watched like a Stan Brakhage-like abstraction, with fluctuating, chaotic correspondences between picture and sound. The video has embedded content but there is nothing subliminal or mystical about it: instead, Pitahaya has been used to convert a CD-quality version of the eleven songs, which can be downloaded and decoded as explained at

The audiovisual performance runs from 3-6 PM Central on December 12, 2020.

Biographical information

St Celfer has drawings ( that have been recently acquired by the Museum of Contemporary Art, São Paulo and has an upcoming release of “9 Suites” ( He has exhibited and performed primarily in New York as John Parker ( among other aliases.

Tom Moody is a New York-based artist ( and musician ( Most recently his work was seen in the exhibition "PAUSE (prelude)" at Künstlerverbund im Haus der Kunst, Munich, Germany.

John Romero is an artist and programmer who was a member of the Computers Club collective (under the name Rene Abythe) and was profiled on at

His website is at