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"There is a lot of noise today. I wonder if we just need to hear the music within it."

St Celfer employs his hydrokinetic experience - an aquatic Olympic past - to create sound in dimensions beyond the third.
Currently based in São Paulo and Seattle, the latter living off/on since 1990, a fan of Seattle grunge, St Celfer, under numerous aliases (jenghizkhan, earcon, Man From Planet Risk, He Goatan !M.O.O.B), was, once upon a time, in the 00's New York scene performing, among other places, at the Kitchen, Tonic, and CBGB's.

More recently, St Celfer has been featured on as NEW AND NOTABLE, Flotation Devices KBCS, Radio Eclectus and Hollow Earth Radio KHUH and performed/exhibited at The Shed, Seattle, ICOSA, Austin and the Museum of Contemporary Art, MAC USP, São Paulo.