John Parker (St Celfer) of Seattle and Sao Paulo has had numerous exhibitions and performances, including alongside artists such as DJ Spooky and Christian Marclay at galleries like Andrew Kreps, Caren Golden, and Pierogi and venues as CBGB’s, Tonic, and The Kitchen.

Initially self-taught with a handful of college courses in architecture, drawing, ceramics, and millinery, he made art objects while training as an athlete for the 1992 Olympic Games. During his transition to coaching at the end of his athletic career, he studied painting, first at Washington, then later at University of Pennsylvania. Just prior to receiving his master’s degree, he moved to New York City, and showed installations where he applied painting’s ideas of plasticity to detritus gleaned from his Brooklyn neighborhood. Later he added sound, and this move made sense in terms of working with fluid-like mediums. As an avid music fan in Seattle throughout the 90’s, he was fortunate to take part in New York's music scene of the 00’s. He wrote, produced, and performed dozens of albums to compliment his visual work.

Frustrated with the notion of making a living through object production, he extended his work to the digital realm, offering online artwork for free ( by creating easily reproducible and transferable images based on failing digital processes that were documented by GIFS, JPEGS and text. Upon leaving New York he started a blog of visual ideas ( in order to stay active in developing a future studio practice.

Now, John Parker as St Celfer, is ready to present new work in a gallery setting, the culmination of a decade of research, a project called “Space between Points”. Recently he completed a solo residence and show at CasaGaleria. Currently his drawings are included in a group show on view at the Museum of Contemporary Art, also in Sao Paulo, Brazil.